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Drummac Septic Service in Highgate Center, Vermont, offers portalet rentals for all your events and construction projects. Turn to us when you need high-quality portable restrooms.
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Portable restrooms are often needed on agricultural sites where workers handle fruit and vegetables. These workers can be at risk for disease from handling plants, and may transfer these diseases due to improper sanitation facilities. The PJN3 can be fitted with an optional sink, offering a convenient place to wash your hands.

With the largest interior floor space, an advanced waste tank design with a rounded-slope top, and a strategically placed deep central sump, the PJN3 is ideal for any construction site given its durability. It can also be raised and lowered using a lifting sling to accommodate high-rise job sites, and the unit is easy to service and quick to empty.
We pride ourselves on the dependability of the PolyJohn Brand portable restrooms.
PJN3 - Septic Service - Highgate Center, VT


Enjoy a roomier and more comfortable interior with the Fleet. This is the "best value" portable flush able restroom for companies that serve multiple markets, from construction sites to upscale events.
PJN3  - Septic Service - Highgate Center, VT


Handicap & Wheelchair Accessible or just "Extra Large" units that give your guests more space! Wheelchair accessible entryway, self-closing door, spacious cabana, and interior grab rails make this unit great for special needs. Extra-Large size offers more than 16 square feet of open interior floor space.
PJN3 - Septic Service - Highgate Center, VT


Certified to meet and exceed ADA requirements Heavy Duty door closures great for windy sites, High grade construction to provide better support and stability, allows for wheelchairs to turn 360 degrees.
PJN3 - Septic Service - Highgate Center, VT

Rent the BRAVO!®

washing station for extra hygiene.
PJN3 - Septic Service - Highgate Center, VT